Saturday, February 18, 2017

Toy Fair 2017 - Day 1! Schedule and Preview (Buzz Bee, Dart Zone, Zuru, Precision RBS)

Toy Fair 2017 - What's to Come for 2017


Here's the Rail Blaster from Buzz Bee. Inline clip, clear door to see your ammo, and rear-loading!


The above shows a hint of things to come for this year's Toy Fair, like that new prototype from Zuru. Also on the schedule today I have meetings with:

- Precision RBS (Rubber band shooting launchers from Super Impulse)
- Buzz Bee Toys (With word on new Walking Dead blasters)
- Zuru
- K'Nex (and maybe some new KForce builds) - it's the 25th anniversary for K'Nex today so who knows what they have in store?
- Dart Zone this afternoon - they typically don't have functional prototypes yet at Toy Fair (they save the big news for the summer reveal) but maybe they'll bring something extra this time.
- World Tech Toys  - they make some new blasters to hit the market.
- Factory Entertainment - Soft Weapons and Tactics!
- And a special event for bloggers with Playmates Toys, home of the T-Blasts 

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