Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nerf Rotofury: Nerf Behind the Scenes video Released

Thanks to Nerf for the video! Featuring the Nerf Rotofury revealed previously, the blaster is now out and available in most major stores.
10 Shot drum (highest capacity blaster for the Mega line currently)
My biggest nitpick with this blaster is the lack of a stock or attach point for a stock, mainly because with Slam-Fire it helps steady the blaster. At least, it did with me when I used a Rampage or Raider. Otherwise, I like the Rotofury, the extra shots more than a Cycloneshiock are pretty nice to have. Enjoy the video!

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Nerf Blogger Had Writer's Block in 2005. What happened Years Later.... Might Surprise you.

The Nerf Ambassador Meetup at #NerfHQ (Hasbro Headquarters/offices, not the old forum)
Vas The Stampede

Seriously, surprise.

Whereupon the blogger (and others of his ilk) visited the home of Nerf blasters, and learnt about production, design, marketing, safety standards, the future, and many things Nerf. Rival, Modulus, Zombie Strike, Doomlands, Rebelle, darts, Rounds, foreign markets, and what it means to be Nerfnation. MORE AFTER THE JUMP.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Nerf: Spring 2016 ed. Shoot megas and streamlines at the same time!

Nerf reveals Spring 2016 blasters in RARE Visit from "Nerf Fan Ambassadors" 
Vas The Stampede
Fresh off the "Nerf Fan Ambassador" visit to #NerfHQ in Rhode Island, enjoy the info on these future releases. More on the actual visit in am upcoming post, so stay tuned.
N-Strike Elite Dual-Strike blaster
(SRP: $19.99/Available: Spring 2016)
  • Fires both Elite and MEGA darts
  • Selector switch to choose MEGA or Elite
  • 6 dart capacity (includes 3 Elite darts and 3 MEGA darts)
  • Zombie Strike CrossCut blaster
(Thanks Click Click BAMF for the pic)
Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut
(SRP: $14.99/Available: Spring 2016)
  • Double barrel zombie blasting
  • Spinning SawBlade (foam)
  • Includes 4 Zombie Strike darts

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Nerf bloggers visit Hasbro!

Nerf bloggers invited to Visit Hasbro Headquarters
Vas The Stampede

Today is the day! Visiting Hasbro Headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, as part of their "Fan Ambassador Meet-up". Along for the ride are Click Click BAMF, Nerd Drop, Shining Foam, Lord Draconical, Nerfhaven, and Blaster Labs.

I already started posting some pics from traveling around Rhode Island. Feel free to check in on the shenanigans socially:

Facebook: Foam From Above
Instagram: Blasterbot1984
Twitter: @VasTheStampede

Filming is not allowed for our visit, and picture opportunities are limited; whatever we can share we definitely will!