Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nerf Zombie Strike Crowbar/mask kit found!

Nerf Zombie Strike Zed Squad Crowbar Combat Kit -
By Vas the Stampede

Spotted the Nerf Zombie Strike Zed Squad Crowbar Combat Kit for $19.99 today at a Target. Enjoy the pics!

It is a bit softer than I would maybe like but I also enjoyed Half Life (Gordon Freeman!!) a lot, so crowbars are kind of a thing for me. The mask that it comes with is pretty hilarious but I wouldn't run around for extended periods of time wearing it. Also, this SHOULD go without saying, but it is sized for a child, adults may not find this as comfy like the iron man mask.

(Pics were quickly snapped w/ my iPod touch, so sue me.)

I don't know a lot about LARP so I can't speak for utility in games like that but maybe some of you other players out there can make these work. It fits the "zombie strike" world that Nerf is building. Now I was pretty disappointed in the first launch with the machete, but Perpetual Play has really caught me with their weapon and dart storage, the z bombz, and now some of the new kit including this crowbar. 

My only bone to pick is this is a bit pricey, as full blasters with darts/mags with a lot longer reach run similar price points. But, them's the breaks with this business. $20 could also buy a Sweet Revenge, a Hammer Shot, extra darts, things like that.  

Ultimately though I bought it. So yes, if this scratches your role play itch for whatever you like (in my case, busting open crab heads) it is a good buy, I haven't seen a foam crowbar otherwise.  

There may no N-Force, but this works too. Game on, Perpetual Play.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nerf Highlight reel - (Mega Thunderbow, Demolisher, & More)

Nerf was awesome enough to send along some new video for a bit of an early release. While it covers some of the older products (Fusefire, Super Soakers, etc.) the big draw here is the Nerf N-Strike Mega Thunderbow and Nerf N-Strike EliteDemolisher along with a peek at Dude Perfect, Nerf's resident trick shot experts.

A good portion of the gamut of Nerf Life is evident here, from Zombie Strike to Super Soaker, though Nerf Dog and Nerf Rebelle may be getting videos of their own. 

2014 is going to finish strong from the looks of it! What have you picked up from the new lineup? What do you plan to get?

(I'm... uh... waiting for them to show up on store shelves.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nerf RhinoFire firing video - (link to Instagram)

A user on Instagram posted a Rhino Firing video, check it out here -

Confirms the barrels "pump" and alternate firing, a bit tough to see the trigger setup but looks like there is one, but two handles. That is possibly the accelerator trigger on top. Hopefully we can get a better look in the coming weeks!

Monday, July 07, 2014

BREAKING UPDATE: Nerf Rhino-Fire Press Release! Full info!

Nerf Blaster Tops 100.... Dollars! Say Hello the Elite Rhino-Fire
By Vas Stampede
Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire. 90' range. MSRP: $100.00 Available Fall 2014.
UPDATE: Here's the full press release straight from Nerf:
(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Fall 14)
Dominate the competition with the biggest, baddest NERF blaster yet! The N-STRIKE ELITE RHINO-FIRE blaster is the first fully automatic NERF blaster featuring rapid-fire, double barrel blasting, an amazing 50 dart capacity and two N-STRIKE ELITE dart drums, turning ordinary battles into extraordinary ones. The epic RHINO-FIRE blaster sends darts soaring impressive ELITE distances of up to 90 feet, and features both a front handle for mobility and tripod to ensure awesome accuracy. Includes 50 N-STRIKE ELITE darts.  Six “D” batteries required, not included. Available exclusively at Walmart.

Nerf Rhino images came off Amazon Spain, but nothing really solid to go on yet except the name and box art (which might change as well.)
Have fun!

  Whew! Ok, so if I may chime in... holy carp.

Back at the Nerf All Access event (videos are posted at click click bamf and AFON so far) we were informed there was one more big blaster coming. I'm guessing this is it. If anyone experienced a letdown with the Cam CS-12 being revealed, hopefully this is more your speed?

The story so far:

Available Fall 2014 (most likely around the holidays)
Wal-Mart Exclusive
MSRP: $99.99
Range: 90'
Includes 50 Darts, a tripod (I'm assuming 2 x 25 round drums)
Requires 6 D batteries (!)

While I'd prefer to wait for the actual product, here's some of the chatter:

Pistoning barrels (like the Pulsator)
Tac-Rails (of course)
I'm sure it's only one trigger, but the early speculation also says maybe selective firing capabilities.

I already thought $80 was a bit high for the Cam, but this one tops out at $99.99, definitely for the holiday shopping frenzy. With dual barrels and who knows what else by release, this is a huge gambit to see just how much people are willing to pay, especially around holiday splurging. For the cost and the range, and the ultimately big bad feeling to come with a blaster like this, I wonder how fast it will be snatched up. If the Centurion sales (lots of people DID buy them, regardless of the performance) this just might be a big beast during the holiday season. Personally, I'm very interested to see the final product, as impressed as I am with this hype and promise at the moment. Only one way to be sure!

Anyway, thoughts?