Thursday, August 08, 2013

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18, a closer look


  • Available now at most major retailers
  • Approx. $39.99
  • Requires 4 "C" batteries (Not included, thank you to Lord Damian for catching the original error.)
  • Flywheels
  • Includes:
    • 1 x Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18
    • 1 x Clear 18 round magazine
    • 18 Nerf N-Strike Elite Streamline darts
  • Range
    • 50'-75', depending on dart quality, battery power, angle, etc.
  • Special features

    • Flip-up sight, extendable stock, various tactical rails and sling points (though I really think there's only one)

Let's take a quick look at where we've been.  Nerf Stampede video from the VERY FIRST release party, so many years ago.

Yikes.  Nice to see the quality has (kind of?) improved since then.  

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 (as seen in the video at the beginning) is a vast improvement over the Nerf N-Strike Stampede from about 3 years ago.  The Stampede had a direct plunger, but it was big, bulky, hit only 30-40' maybe, and it was a bit back heavy if you were a younger kid (6 D batteries!) and a bit slow on the rate of fire.  Personally, I found that I'd lead a target using half a magazine (9 shots, and the blaster was stock) before getting a hit.

The Rapidstrike doesn't have that problem.  It hits Elite ranges, is smaller, lighter, and fires faster.  Even though the Rapidstrike uses flywheels, I can pinpoint a bit better with this and waste less ammo.  Streamlines being streamlines, I don't expect super accuracy out of them (even Elite ones) so that's not a concern for me.  But the groupings seem pretty decent all the same, even with full auto.  I found the trigger pull responsive, and no lag like there was waiting for the Stampede to prime and fire.  It's a fraction maybe faster, but Nerf tag is a game of inches and seconds in Rate of Fire.  Every little bit helps.  Swapping out mags was smooth, and I recommend 18 round straight mags. 

That being said about magazines, here's the thing - I ran into some issues with reliability.  It got some actual gameplay (hi Des Plaines!  More on that in  another blog post) I used primarily 18 round straight magazines (like the clear one it came with and 3 others.  2 worked (includes the clear) and the others did not.  Further testing is required to see how far the rabbit hole goes about this, so expect a response video to my initial firing test.  I'll also update this blog post.  Need to test drums, and different generations of the 6 round mags too.

Also, adjusting my grip, I hit the mag release once unintentionally.  When things are moving fast, that might be an issue for some people and they will lose the magazine.  Typically the magwell has been strong enough to not drop the mag on me, but it did once so far.  Depending on your mag, it might drop.  Depending on your mag, it might jam.  In this instance, the location of the release is cool, but the classic orientation on the sides might have made more sense.

Mag release is right behind the magwell.  You might hit it trying to avoid revving the accelerator trigger.

Does that justify a $39.99 purchase?  Considering the fun I've had using this (when it works) and that stores have a return policy, maybe.  It really is a ton of fun as a blaster and having something full auto is a welcome function I've missed with the Elite line so far.  Slam Fire just isn't quite the same.  Hopefully my videos are a bit helpful in making a decision, but ultimately it rests on you as a player to see if this is your style.

Aesthetically, this blaster made me think of the carbine from "Aliens" and the adjustable stock made it either comfortable or usable for closer quarters.  Also... the accelerator trigger means dual wieldings :)  And that makes all sorts of things awesome:)  Happy hunting!

Questions?  Comments?  Did I miss something?  Need more info?  Shoot me a message!  


Lord Damian said...

One slight correction. It uses 4 C cells, not 6.

Littledave55 said...

The gun keeps on jamming on me even with clear clip, I wonder if its the rubber piece in front fly wheels, and I was using new darts not bent up

Lord Damian said...

I personally agree. I think the stryfe gate would have been better

Anonymous said...

Or even better: you could remove the dart gate, several locks, & the resistors on the flywheel motors, and install an Arduino microprocessor that allows you to select between semi-auto, 3-round burst, and rock'n'roll. That's what I'm planning on doing, plus a grenade launcher (Film canister) and a reflex sight.

VasTheStampede said...

Have fun! As this was a sample from Nerf, I won't be doing any of that to this blaster. I enjoy the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Any luck of variants of this gun showing like a zombie green mouldjob?--r.r

Anonymous said...

I have got mine from amazon. Installed the batteries abd the gun does the noise but is not shooting any darts out. They are not eben moving. Any idea?

Amanda said...

My son just bought this gun, but it won't fire at all. Motor is running and you can hear it rev up, but nothing shoots. Any clues?

spiffcats said...

Just to let you guys know, you have to make sure the bulluts are touching the back of the clip. If any are touching the front it will slightly reduce how fast the top bullet moves to the plunger thingy. If the bullets do this the plunger will move to fast, squeezing the bullet and jamming. Mine actually works alot better with the orange bullets, instead of blue. If the gun has full battery you can pull both triggers at once, if it only has half give it a second. With all the bullets loaded corectly it can easily unload the whole clip without jamming in 5 seconds.

Anonymous said...

My son got the rapidstrike elite for xmas it worked for a couple of days. Now the motor is not even starting up. The batteries are all brand new but nothing seems to work. Does any one have any suggestions?

aimee hawkins said...

My son also received the Rapidstrike CS-18 for Christmas and after a couple hours, it stopped working (no power to the motor). We thought that perhaps it was the batteries, but after two new sets of batteries, the motor still doesn't work. We have looked on several websites but have yet to encounter a solution to this problem. Please help if you can! Thanks

Vas The Stampede said...

Wow... looks like a few of you folks are having trouble with the Rapidstrike.

Without being able to physically see the blaster, there's not much I can diagnose. I can suggest you double check the following -

1) The jam door along the top is completely closed.

2) The darts are in good condition, and they're elite streamlines (blue/green zombiestrike/rebelle). Orange might be a little weird. Also, as the reader above suggests, make sure the darts are pressed against the back of the magazine.

3) The magazine, is it loaded and in the blaster according to the pictures? (Believe me, I've done this before too and accidentally loaded a clip backwards. It just happens.)

The motor not revving up might mean either the magazine is not fully inserted or the jam door is not totally closed. If the motor is revving but there's nothing firing, it might be the darts not being loaded correctly, the wrong darts being used, or out of position in the magazine.

Maybe it would be more helpful to do a video with some tips on what to look for? Please, continue to use the submission form or replay here! I'd like to help!

Also, Hasbro customer service is available and might be able to either diagnose better if not outright exchange your blaster - - I contacted them about a misfiring Snapfire 8 I had.

Anonymous said...

my motor wasn't working either. Look inside where the clip enters the chamber... the problem with mine was that one of the sensor plates was dislodged out of place. There are two of them in the clip area one on front side that was the one that was dislodged. i took it apart and made sure all sensor clips worked put back together and it works just fine now i hope that works..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, can you provide a photo perhaps? I am having the same problem where my son was only able to shoot the gun for an hour or two after he opened it on Christmas, and then the motor never revved up again. I would like to try checking the sensors, but I am not that technical....

Commandermark said...

I think of it as a cover fire gun and the 25-dart magazine doesn't work for me. I mainly use it in high positions.

Anonymous said...

am am also having this problem ... opened it up but nothing seems obviously wrong... i am not very technical and would really appreciate some help

Anonymous said...

My son has the CS-18. Upon installing batteries, the motor runs all the time. Have to open the jam door to make it shut off. Is this normal? I expected the motor to only run when you pull the acceleration trigger?

Christie said...

It is a great gun but I have batteries in it, jam door closed, and the mag in with darts but the motor will not turn on now. What do I need to do?

Anonymous said...

We had the problem with the motor completely stopping as well. Anonymous above saved us (Thank you!). We took the clip out and noticed the front sensor was depressed and stuck. I used a screwdriver to dislodge it. Reinserted the clip with a few bullets and worked! We spent forever checking the batteries, etc. until we found this thread. My son is thrilled that it works again!

Anonymous said...

Hi our cs18 stopped working, we found that one of the 3 white buttons inside the magazine slot was staying stuck in. The fix was easy, put both hands inside the slot from below and try to pull the gun apart. As the nerf gun is pulled it's chasis flexes and the offending button pops out of the hole. Amazingly this happens on both our cs18 in the first day of use.

Hugo Mtz said...

Thanks for the tips its the white clips on cartrige

Anonymous said...

I had to hold some tension against the magazine in order to get the trigger motor to start. So without putting tension on the clip it doesn't work. So I think it has to be in the sensors. Works great, if I hold the clip just the right way. However I am concerned my son is going to git lit up if he trying to duplicate Daddy's pressure. Ugh.