Thursday, April 25, 2013

WIN A SUPER SOAKER HOUSE PARTY! (Sponsored by Nerf and Cheetos)

Just like the title says. I ran across this promo on twitter, and thanks to it looks like entrants can have a chance to win a Nerf and Cheetos sponsored summer house party.

Taken from their site, here's the prize:

"Host a NERF SUPER SOAKER Block Party

Kick off Father’s Day Weekend with the entire neighborhood at your own NERF SUPER SOAKER Block Party. NERF SUPER SOAKER blasters will set the stage for an exciting summer for kids of all ages as they soak each other for the ultimate outdoor fun. Bring out the family fun and snack on your Simply CHEETOS® White Cheddar Puffed Corn. Fire up the BBQ and soak up summer with your neighbors at your NERF SUPER SOAKER Block Party.
Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:
  • NERF SUPER SOAKER blasters
  • Simply CHEETOS® White Cheddar Puffed Corn
  • Special Host Coupons"
Read the full rules HERE: now sign up and good luck!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Snapfire 8 - closer look (Review, Repost of Demo video)

Back at last year's Toy Fair I posted this winner of a video -

and it took... a long time to get to the U.S.  It was out overseas at first (due to the popularity of Dart Tag in those areas as opposed to the lukewarm reception here) and only recently did I finally spot one in a Toys R Us.  Approximately $19.99, it's that semiauto manual pistol some of us have wanted for a long, long while.  Personally, I remember this old video by SGNerf:

AND FINALLY.... FINALLY..... I got to take a look at a production version Snapfire 8 up close!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nerf Rebelle - Rename update!

Quick news from the Nerf sources:

The Nerf Alpha Girl Mission Kit I reported on back in February has been renamed:

(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $19.99/Available: Fall 13)
The NERF REBELLE SWEET REVENGE Kit is a girl’s best friend and includes the accessories she needs to take on any NERF REBELLE mission in style. The star of the NERF REBELLE SWEET REVENGE Kit is the bold five dart revolving blaster, which features a cool purple deco and bright magenta accents. Pull back on the lever to ready the blaster and press the trigger to send darts soaring through the air up to 75 feet. Add style savvy during non-stop, action-packed adventures with the included pair of NERF REBELLE VISION GEAR eyewear. Taking a break from the excitement? Players can stow their blaster and extra darts in the included hip holster, and take the NERF REBELLE action with them wherever they go. Includes blaster, five collectible darts, and belt clip holster. Available at most major retailers nationwide and on

And in case anyone doesn't remember how this thing shoots:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

(Non-Nerf) It Came From Toy Fair - interview with Saban re: Power Rangers and a new Digimon??

Crossposted from another blog I keep!

"Hi there, it's been a good long time since I put anything here (my duties Nerf-wise at Foam From Above keep me busy) but I have some particularly awesome news to share here and well, everywhere.

So, the past 3 years now I've flown to the New York Toy Fair (mostly on blaster business, but I do other random geekery there too, such as Power Rangers) and was invited to interview Saban executives on Power Rangers and the news of a new series from Digimon (long story, it's answered in the questions).  Being an eternal fan of the Dragonzord and Agumon, well, I had to take the chance!  I was thrilled to even have been on the list that got this blast.  Follow me, fellow Digi-destined and Rangers.

I was initially going to do an interview there, but storms and scheduling had other plans.  As it stood, I ended up doing an over email interview courtesy of their VP of Toys and Hardlines.  What follows is a direct copy-paste of my questions and the answers.  You'll also see a number of questions that I solicited from the fanbase via twitter (@vasthestampede, that's me!) so hopefully you all will dig what I found out.
(Saban answers are in BOLD)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New from Quest in Merry Hill - Inside the Nerf Arena Action!

Not much need be said about this. The Nerf Arena at Quest in Merry Hill is operational! Looks like the attendees have had a bunch of fun, so here's hoping they keep it going. All the best, Quest! This looks much bigger than the original NDTL inf For more info on the stats and specs of the arena, feel free to refer to my other post: or contact Quest at: Maybe check them out on Facebook?

Dart Tag Snapfire 8 - a PSA

Just a quick video; not all Snapfires are created equal! Review is in the works!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

NEW PRODUCT: Paper Shooters!

First, let's start with the video:

Ok?  Ready?  Let's jam.

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