Saturday, March 09, 2013

Review: Xploderz Xgrenades

Little video review of the Xploderz Xgrenades.

Besides actually hitting your target with the sphere itself, I think qualifying a tag with this thing is going to be tough.  Grass, concrete (that's why I put the posterboard down, to show the spread a little better) is tough with this style of ammo.  A grenade the way I see it is dynamic, and... well... explosive.  This isn't.  People throw ballistic balls and socks during Humans Vs. Zombies games, but for $7.99 even that's a little pricey to act as a replacement for much cheaper alternatives (hell, one game I used large marshmallows.)

In any event, buyer beware on this one.... maybe use them as tossable large ammo, but if you're looking for a grenade type device this isn't it.

Store purchased: Meijer (a big box store like Target)
Cost: $7.99
Included: 3 "grenades" and 750 rounds of dry ammo (no container, have a bowl handy.  Obviously, if you use the xploderz ammo depots you won't be able to get the ammo back out).



Anonymous said...

That's Disappointing.

VasTheStampede said...

Yeah, the community thus continues to look for a pretty reliable grenade w/blast radius (the Scatterblast is cool, but can be a bit finicky).