Tuesday, August 21, 2012

REVIEW: Nerf Vortex Pyragon

 Nerf Vortex Pyragon against the Lumitron and a Clear Raider

Ah, the Nerf Vortex Pyragon.  The Nerf Raider CS-35 ended up being one of my favorite blasters, I would decimate entire teams with the right timing to apply the slam-fire.  Would the Pyragon match it in utility, and even outdo it in range and reliability?

After the break-

Nerf Hailfire - a couple more shots

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Nerf Hailfire finally arrives!

Yup, thanks Nerf!  Review to come, but for now going to look for some batteries. :)

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nerf Firevision - have a "look" (YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH)

Back at New York Toy Fair, I Nerf Firevision gear, and it was pretty awesome.  While not intended for play in ABSOLUTE darkness (yeah.... sure.... no one'll try that...) being able to see the the various equipment (football, basketball, etc.) brightly illuminated up to 100' is pretty neat.

Now while sports are the forte of this line, I had to wonder what kind of applications these lights and reflective surfaces had for other purposes.  And if there's something we love to do here at the House of Foam, it's repurpose items for all kinds of stuff.  (Not mod though, can't do that.  Hi Nerf!)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nerf Elite Launch party - revisited!

Highlights from the Nerf Elite Launch party thanks to NERF's youtube channel!  You just might  catch a look at some familiar youtube/internet nerf faces :)

And yes, that tattoo is in fact real!

Friday, August 10, 2012

BlasterPro (S2500) and Xploderz X2 (Mauler 1000) Product Review - 2 for 1 Friday!

Here we go!  So the Maya Group thought fit to send over a couple of samples of their latest offerings, the new-revamped X2 Xploderz Mauler 1000 and the BlasterPro S2500. 

First things first, let's talk about the Mauler.  Then we'll go into BlasterPro, more after the jump  ---->

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Nerf Hailfire spotted! Target in IL

Got this on my twitter feed:  https://twitter.com/BrianDMoney/status/233726593569263616/photo/1

Looks like the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire is already popping up on some U.S. store shelves!  This was at a Target for $39.99.  Have you seen'em yet?  Guess it's close enough to the 09/09/12 release date.  Or not.

I'm supposedly getting a sample, for a more in-depth look, but I do have a video posted already:


Thursday, August 02, 2012

New videos from the Nerf youtube channel! Featuring Nerf Vortex and Nerf Elite wackiness

Putting blasters through their paces in a sweet athletic facility.  John Brekus of Sport Science, I presume?

Unloading a Nerf Vortex Pyragon in 8 seconds.

Did you get YOUR "Battle of the Ads" entry in yet?

I've got a lot left to do Nerf-wise, but this week's been kinda nutty in my non-Nerf life.  Lots more to come though, I guarantee you that!