Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Rampage Range/Demo follow up videos

Thanks for stopping by!  I had some more time, so I took the Nerf N-Strike Retaliator and Rampage out for some additional testing.  I wanted to look at performance depending on using original streamlines vs. Elite, original Nerf N-strike blasters vs. Elite, and so on.  I decided to just make one gigantic video, but have no fear!  The link to each pertinent section follows.  And yeah, I kept the Retaliator barrel on for its firing.  I'll do another vid without it soon, but in the meantime:

Handy dandy timing break down for the video-
  • Rampage w/Elite darts and 12 round magazine - 1:33
  • Rampage w/original streamlines and 12 round mag - 2:09 
  • Nerf Raider w/12 round mag and original streamlines - 2:51 
  • Nerf Rampage w/12 round mag and Firefly Tech darts - 3:02 
  • Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 w/Dart tag darts - 3:23 
  • Nerf Clear Recon (stock) w/Elite darts and 6 round magazine: 3:46
  • Nerf Elite Retaliator w/6 round mag, Elite darts - 4:21 
  • Retaliator w/18 round magazine (Nerf Stampede's), Elite darts - 4:36
  • Nerf Elite Retaliator w/35 round drum mag and Elite darts - 4:51
There's still more to do, such as checking the ranges and accuracy without the barrel (personally, I like the looks so I kept it on) and a general opinion on the Elite line.  But, that's another blog post.  As for today, enjoy seeing what the blasters shoot like :)

Now that the video is done, I'll be updating this post in a few minutes with pictures as well.  Stay tuned!

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Nerffan said...

Is the Retaliator more accurate with the Barrel on?
Does it reduce range(the Retaliator barrel)?
How many range in ft/metres would you reckon with the international version flat?(I'm in Aus so I'll like to know)

Sorry for alot of questions.
Nerffan-Nerf Blasters and Accesories.