Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nerf N-strike Elite: Rampage

Neat lil' shot for the night- Rampage with a Lightning Storm stock :)

Who likes box art?  I've got box art :)  And some other shots too.

As you can see, the head of the Elite dart is a little bigger, has a smaller hole, and a (for lack of a better term) more streamlined form. 

Darts that come with the Nerf N-Strike Rampage

Shot of the Nerf N-Strike Rampage

I know some of you saw this; it's a preview of things to come: new tac vest, Nitefinder Elite version, annnnd... a smaller blaster inside that pocket...?

Well hey!  That looks like a Jolt to me.  Anyone else thinking that?  Elite Jolt, cause the original wasn't nuts enough.

Box art

Don't fret!  N-Strike old skool and N-Strike Elite is all interchangeable.  I'll make a video of this to showcase but old does work with new and vice versa.  The Elite ammo flies fantastically out of both types of blasters though.

Nerf Kid for Rampage.  He looks srs.

Yup!  Straight-mags sold separately, and with ammo to boot.  If the individually sold drum wasn't your thing, this will hopefully make your day.


FunkyMuthaFacko said...

How does it feel to probably be the only person playing with that right this moment? You're one lucky dude.

VasTheStampede said...

Not gonna lie... it makes all the years I spent working through writer's block to end up writing about toys pretty worth it :)

Nerffan said...

WOW!!!!!!! Is the Elite Jolt real?
When is it coming out?
By looking at the picture can you see a piece of plastic holding the trigger? The old Jolt had it and it's tad annoying to worry about it snapping off.
Nerf is grabbing all our money.

TOM said...

So there's no shield with it? Bummer :(

Anonymous said...

I hope that they make a elite spectre.