Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nerf N-strike Elite Press kit!

Received the Nerf N-Strike Rampage, Retaliator, spare 18 round mag, and Elite tape measure today!   Thanks Nerf for the swag!

Test firing!  Nerf N-Strike Retaliator!

Yeah, the range claims are pretty believable, and the darts fly super straight, straighter than any other darts I've tried fresh outta the box.  Impressive, most impressive.  I'll look into getting a better sideways shot, that might be better.  Plus, I still have the Rampage to look at!

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Portal said...

Mind if I make a post on my blog about this? And when's the review and range test?

VasTheStampede said...

@Portal; go ahead, just please link back. I just posted a test-firing video, and I'll put up a proper review in a couple of days. Thanks!

harpuia said...

the range is suppose to be 75ft? did they mix up the 15 meter one with the 75ft one because 57 ft is disappointing for something claiming to be 75 ft. don't you think.

Nerfmaster8 said...

could you post some images of the boxes? what was in the mystery envelope, so curious?

VasTheStampede said...

@Harpuia - Nah, at this point I assume the ranges they post on the boxes are "up to", so it's an estimation. You take posted ranges with a grain of salt, and assume that 75' was achieved by shooting the blaster at an angle. I fire my blasters parallel to the ground when I do ranges.

@nerfmaster8, the mystery envelope contained a press release and the Nerf-branded tape measure, that was it :) Images of the boxes are coming up, just make sure to check in!

Frost_Nerfer said...

I saw 57 feet, I said hmm he said vortex gets 35 - 40 and this retaliator had the barrel on.... elite FTW

iLN said...

I see a piece of paper in this picture http://lh6.ggpht.com/-alSpZd7dwlM/T9e9BnZs9iI/AAAAAAAAHm4/aR3YCKuTky4/s400/1339538642618.jpg

May we know what is it all about. Or even better, it's full contents?

Icicle said...

How would one get one of these?

VasTheStampede said...

@icicle, you only get these being considered media. Sorry, can't get them in stores.

@ILN: I'll go over a lot more tomorrow, stay tuned!

Nerffan said...

Is the Retaliator more accurate with the barrel on? With the barrel off does it increase ranges like other foam blasters?

Anyway, awesome blog!P.S Why did Nerf send you and Basic Nerf free Elite stuff?

Sorry for the string of questions.:p


VasTheStampede said...

@nerffan - tell you what, I'll post a video of shots with the barrel off. At first look it looked like the barrel actually assisted in accuracy, but I'll review to make sure.

As for why, I can't really say! I have had this blog about blasters for 5+ years, I must be doing something right.