Sunday, June 03, 2012

MANO 8.5! - Milwaukee, WI Nerf meetup!

Good times up in Wisconsin this weekend with the MANO crew!  The Wisconsin scene is alive and well, and it looks like there's still people interested in running around with toy blasters in parks.  It had it all- melee, marshmallows, Vapor, Nerf, and... more marshmallows.  Seriously kids, remember to always keep some large ammo in your loadouts if the war allows huge shields.

In any event, big thanks to the WI crew for letting us know about it and putting it on.  Wouldn't be here to prove there's an audience without guys like this.  I've got some POV footage coming up, so keep an eye for it a little later!

For now... the gallery's posted above but let's check some highlights -

From MANO 8.5 2012

From MANO 8.5 2012

From MANO 8.5 2012

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The Manta said...

That was a fun war! (I was Blake by the way). This has been bugging me for a while. WHAT THE HECK was that longshot thing hummer was using?