Friday, May 25, 2012

Substitute Nerf Titan rockets? The verdict...

Not likely.  The Super soaker rocket is on the right, and the hole is much smaller than the hole on the titan rocket on the bottom of the picture.  Not to mention the rocket is hollowed out like the generic pool toy on the left, necessitating a modifcation to block up the hole.  Still, if you want to implement throwing items in your games this is one route to go but I will admit the uberdart flies way better for that purpose even if it is a bit pricier.

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Large ammo? Nerf Titan, XXL baazooka, generic, uberdart, and Super Soaker Rocket comparison!

A pic of what some of the rockets and larger ammo I have seen in my days look like against each other. 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Found! Nerf Super Soaker Rocket Darts! Nerf N-Strike Release Party announcement!

Spotted these at Toys R Us for $5.99, and had word passed onto me from the Facebook page.  Essentially a hollowed out pool noodle with fins, you can use it to shoot water while in a pool (by pushing the rocket into the water) or throwing it around.  There were some other items like a Soaker Shot, Soaker Bolt, Soaker Glasses, and even a bunker.  Different colors denote different teams, so hopefully I will get to a pool soon to try these out!  Definitely something new from Super Soaker. - Soaker Burst - Soaker Shot

I'll put up some comparison photos against a dollar store type rocket I found, an Uberdart, and these rockets shortly.  Remember, these rockets are HOLLOWED out.

And, looks like I'll be out at NYC a little before the main release of the Nerf N-Strike Elite line!  As they did in the past with the Nerf Stampede Release Party and Nerf Vortex Release Party, myself and a few other Nerf blogs are being invited out to the release party to test drive new blasters with other news sites.  This'll be in June, so make sure to watch here and on my twitter feed - @vasthestampede when the time comes!  (Of course, I'll make sure to post a reminder.)  Knowing how the past events have gone the main attractions like the N-strike Elite Retaliator, the N-Strike Elite, Rampage, N-Strike Elite Hailfire.  Will the other blasters like the N-Strike Barricade redux, Nitefinder, Eliminator, etc. show up?  We'll have to wait and see!  On top of that, expect me to take a thorough look at the new darts as well.  At least I have plenty of time to come up with some questions!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Game day: Justplay! Sports and Rec Festival - Complete with Dart Tag!

Helped the Tacticool Tag and Gaming Society of Chicagoland (TTAGS) run some capture the flag minigames at the Justplay! Sports and Rec Festival in Carol Stream, IL!  We had giveaways, awards, and a great number of people, hopefully getting them interested in the hobby and showing a new way to play.  Also, that you don't have to be 8 years or under to enjoy toy blasters.  Nerf and other foam shooters were represented of course, but we also put our Vapor Atlas 250s and the Vapor Delta 500 to good use.

Thanks to all who showed up!  And with any luck, we'll be in Carol Stream doing meetups on a more regular basis :)

Big thank you to the Carol Stream Park District for setting us up, and letting us use your fair grounds!  Hope to be back next year, bigger and better!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New take on a Vapor Atlas 250 Blaster, courtesy Nerfenstein

As seen on Nerfenstein - an "Aliens"-inspired paintjob on the Vapor Atlas 250?  How cool is that? 

Monday, May 14, 2012

JustPlay! Sports and Recreation Festival Appearance!

How about that?  The Tacticool Tag and Gaming Society of Chicagoland ( is going to be hosting a slew of minigames during the JustPlay! Sports and Recreational Festival.  Word has it they're planning on doing stock blasters, mandatory eye protection (provided) and demos of some of their favorite toys.  If you're in Illinois and near Carol Stream, feel free to check it out!  There's a ton of other activities, and here's a promo video from 2011 -

Zip line, Basketball, karate, kid's nerf wars and so much more over two days, May 19th and 20th!  Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM.

FULL SCHEDULE AND WEBSITE HERE: - 7 years long, 7 years strong!

Protip:  If you're the first person to find them and say, "mekka lekka high mekka hiney ho", you'll get a prize :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sales Update - Where to find the Vapor Atlas 250 and gel ammo! Toys R Us Online! - 1000 ROUNDS OF GEL AMMO
 And the previous review of the Vapor Atlas 250 -  

Also, remember the Vapor Delta 500?  Coming soon! -