Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hasbro Nerf Showroom 2012!

Hey all!  Back from the Nerf/Hasbro showroom, and while I have plenty of photos, wifi in the hotel = not so good.

I can do a few photos at a time, and for now here's some of the good stuff.  Most notably, the only new blaster on hand was the Snapfire 8.  8 shots, Dart tag line, and a trigger pull primes the blaster, rotates the turret, and there is a bottom dial on the handle to determine range vs. rate of fire.  Videos to follow, once I get a better connection!

In the meantime enjoy some of the new photos.  Also notable, a new Snake Eyes foam sword, The Furyfire GI Joe redo, and the BBB and Captain America blaster for The Avengers.  We also saw new Hulk hands, that had no sound, but were foam, not the pillow versions previously out there.


Anonymous said...

What's up guys! Great meeting you today-glad you had fun


SG Nerf said...

Nice coverage Vas!

Btw, i did a quick screen cap of the N-Strike Elite 9.9.12 video shown at the Nerf showroom, at the point where supposedly the Hailfire was glimpsed:

Notice the "accelerator trigger" below the main trigger... is it... *shudder*... a flywheel blaster? :D