Friday, June 24, 2011

cool! lazer tag zombies

Nice POV work in this vid!
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Firing video to follow, but in the meantime take a look at the pics of this older blaster from the "Mega Blitz" line from the 90s:

Like all stock blasters, this thing only went 25-30', but the kicker to it was that the barrel was made in such a way it could fire THREE different types of ammo: micros, whistlers, AND arrows! The arrows could only be used with the Triple Torch, and no other arrows would work on the Triple Torch either. But the sheer versatility of the blaster makes it a win in my book.

Link from SGNERF!

Seriously, our friends across the sea in Singapore have a great community. They were talking to newspapers and getting coverage when a lot of the groups here were still exclusivity-minded underground wannabes! They have their own version of the NDTL out there, and SGNerf was there. Have a look, the post is full up with videos and commentary :)

Friday, June 17, 2011


The pistol - the Proton! The box art is a lot more serious looking, if that were possible with Nerf blasters... hah! Also you see a better view of the disc ammo, the indentation to make it look more like a frisbee.

The Praxis, that was previewed in the initial demo video! The disc magazines are going to be 10 shots here, and this is the manual pump-action blaster. Informative box is informative.

First full-auto? What about the Vulcan? Oh wait... first full-auto DISC blaster... The magazine here looks a bit bigger than the 10 shot that comes with the Praxis and there's a scope and foregrip. Disc successor to the Stampede? Most likely!

AND JUST IN CASE YOU WONDERED WHAT BATTERIES IT NEEDED. 6 C batteries for the blaster, 2 AAA batteries for the scope!

In the demo videos, there was a blaster with an internal magazine. This, is that blaster. Possibly the Recon-ish feel mid-size blaster? Rapid reload makes me wonder if there might be a speedloader accessory in addition to the magazines.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Even the stars get down with NERF - Angelina Jolie and her offspring getting toys in Malta!

Courtesy of the notification via @NerfNation on twitter - taken from - read the full article there!
Looks like it was a barricade kinda day.

Almost everything I have ...

My arsenal.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interesting find: $2 @ target! FOAM ROCKET!

Hey all! Found this pool noodle with fins and the center cut out for $2 in the Tiys R Us seasonal section. Huge foam missile. Anyone have a titan handy? I can neither confirm nor deny results, but worth a look, even moreso when they go on clearance :)
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Interesting read... Hasbro's licensed goods beyond sports gear and blasters. Polos, hats, sneakers... Check it out!

Hasbro Presents Array of Branded Lifestyle Goods for Entire Family at the International Licensing Expo | Business Wire
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