Monday, September 28, 2009

Hahah! The UK... "Nerf of the Living Dead"

Some journalist nerf release event across the pond!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Up and Away! Chicago Beatdown 3: Third Strike!

Video from the DTC (Defend the Core) round at Chicago Beatdown in Oak Lawn, IL!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Heads up, folks! The Nerf Dart Tag League landed in Portland, OR last month on the Dew Tour. The video is/has been live! Check it!

Nerf Dart Tag League - Portland!

And why yes, that is indeed Ryan McDonough, the Voice of the Tour.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chicago Beatdown: Third Time's the Charm

I think I forgot to grab a nerf BLASTER.

Clearly, it had been long enough. A few weeks later, we were back in Oak Lawn. Third in the series of Snake hosted events and it was game time. Once more we reported out to Centennial Park for a day of foam, fun, and most importantly, the Fight.

It was a turnout of maybe 9-10 rotating people we had ourselves set for the day. Games included Team Deathmatch, wingman, CTF, Defend the Core, and Team Powerball. Come to think of it, spanning that out from 10-4 or 5 really explains why I pass out for 11 hours afterward. But more on that later.

What this day saw was the birth of a +bow vs. all round, the strength of the marauder, and awesome of dart blocks. Minimal injuries, give or take a nutshot or two, but no one bled and no one had to be carted off to an ER... this time. Some random people even joined in from watching us, and they knew what was up. Stefans, Captain Slug, they knew the talk. Walking was a whole 'nother matter, but we all start somewhere.

Learning my lesson from the freak accident at the last game, I had to pack a paintball mask. It protected the temple and considering I got hit in the face at one point during the day, it was worth it. It really is a bit extreme, but for my own peace of mind I'm ok with that. As for the rest of my equipment I was packing a magstrike, my bbb, a crossfire buckler, and the "Wicked MC" (see previous blog) to rotate in and out over the course of the day. The bbb was inconsequential though, because truth be told I had more fun running around with a high ROF blaster and melee weapon all day. Reports say I took out an entire team. Dare I say it, the first round where I ran straight at the other team and jumped in the middle of them swinging, tagging at least two of them before getting hit totally made the day for me....

...UNTIL I started getting dart blocks here and there. The wider surface area of the marauder definitely helps if you can guess near where the dart's going to fly, and on at least a couple of occasions I managed to block a wayward shot, to follow up with a charge. If not the Wicked MC, my buckler picked up the slack. It was almost as if there was nothing the marauder couldn't do. During Team Powerball someone tried to drop a point into the bucket and I swatted it out. If they tried to outrun me, the marauder had enough length to compensate and I still got a hit. It was a good day for the N-Force.

While defend the core with my "Decoy" play style was a lot of fun, Team Powerball was pretty much how we closed out the day. An epic struggle of sorts between two +bow'd and sprightly teams. Running and dodging, getting out of the way of melee weapons, being thankful the other team didn't know the "Flying V", and getting a "300" style sword hit was a nice capper.

For future reference, 15 mins. may be a bit too long for DTC rounds. Depending on the # of people maybe, but for our size events 5 minutes may be just as good.

Just some quick etiquette notes to anyone who sees us on location:

1) DO NOT start grabbing at stuff if you don't know whose it is. That's just being a douche. And you may be unlucky and not know where it's been. I'm talking to you, random passersby!

2) DO NOT shoot at other people between rounds. Be nice.

3) Might wanna recheck your strategy if you're yelling "FALL BACK!" all day long.

4) Why, oh why do you charge at me with swords when I have a pistol? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that ever watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

That's it for now!


Monday, September 14, 2009


Sign up for the NERF Dart Tag World Championships in Salt Lake City!!

NERF is hosting a series of NERF Dart Tag World Championship tournament games where teams of 4 will compete in their age group.

What is at stake? How about regional supremacy and the chance to qualify to play in the NDTL World Championships at the final Dew Tour event in October in Orlando, FL!!! The winning team in each age group will receive a $25,000 cash prize!

When: September 17-20, 2009

Where: Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City, UT

Register here:

How to register for a chance to compete:
Step 1: Download Registration Forms at

Step 2: Read and understand the Official Tournament Rules of Play
Step 3: Fax completed forms to 1-866-383-NDTL (1-866-383-6385)

Step 4: Await email confirmation!

In case you want a look at what you'll see, here's a video I took back at the first event in Chicago:


Thursday, September 10, 2009

I bring forth Conan references to discuss...

Say hello to the Nerf N-Force "Marauder". Modeled after a two-handed European longsword, this is a follow-up to their smaller and thinner "Shadow Fury" and "Thunder Fury" swords which looked patterned after Chinese longswords. This one is bigger, thicker, tougher, and crazier. It measures at close to 3'5" from tip to the bottom of the pommel, while the blade is a little over 2". It's weighty, too. I can't attest if there is an internal plastic rod adding support to the blade, but it does feel plenty sturdy. It doesn't flop around like the original models would, for sure.

One inherent flaw with the original swords was they got beat up. Fast. The foam would scuff easily, the blades were a lot more spaghetti-like under vigorous usage and while awesome, there is a certain point where they just got destroyed. BUT, they were one-handed and it was easy to go double-swords. That and they looked cool. If you managed to even block darts shot at you, all the better.

The Marauder improves on some of these issues. The foam is dense and thick. The outside is a bit glossy, I think to assist with the scuffing the original swords suffered. But it's heavy and tough to wield one-handed, like a normal longsword. You swing slower, but you have reach over anyone armed with a Fury-series. Definitely do your research when trying to figure out how to use one of these. Like the warning says, DO NOT JAB OR POKE AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS.

Had to throw that in, because it's written on the sword. Don't be dangerous with it. Or a douche.

Durability wise, I am concerned about the section where the hilt connects to the blade. It's the smallest portion of the blade, and probably where a lot of stress will focus during swings and blocks. Just an observation. The rest of the toy, from the handle, the blade, the foam, it's much denser foam this go around, and I look forward to using it. If your games allow swords to block darts, go nuts with the larger surface area. Just know the weaknesses of using a longsword as well, if you choose to go that way. I don't intend to carry a primary with this, maybe a pistol splat if anything. It's ungainly to carry and with the speed a nerf round can go, drawing it is very unlikely in time against anyone closing in on you worth their skills. You'd have better luck running around with it unsheathed if that's what you choose to do.

It's listed at $25-$30, and if hand to hand is turning into your cup of tea, join the N-Force and grab one! Questions? Comments? Lemme know.

P.S.- Big thanks to the "Wicked MC" for passing this my way!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

40 years? Who knew?

The Nerf Brand Turns 40!

Nerf celebrates its origins and the release of the original orange nerf ball today. That's 40 years of footballs, nerf fencing, nerf hoops, blasters, darts, arrows, other sports equipment, the list goes on. The article is a good read, so check it out!

Nerf Raider releases (officially) today!

Alright, I know a lot of you out there actually got the Raider months ago, but keep your eyes open for the proper commercial! Because, it's Nerf... or Nothin'!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Interesting... Nerf in the UK

Apparently Hasbro a big deal with the Arsenal FC soccer team across the pond... they continue to push nerf as a sports brand!


Thursday, September 03, 2009