Thursday, July 30, 2009

Results! Chicago Regional Champs!

Finally found info on who took the first Regional Championship here in good ol' Chicago...


Full video found at Hasbro's Nerf Dart Tag League section!

Congratulations to the CHICAGO REGIONAL CHAMPION Nerfinators, now I wish I had stayed around to see it!

Many thanks to Ryan McDonough, aka McShowoff for posting up the news!

Next month: Boston Results! But the next stop: PORTLAND, OREGON. They're coming!

Onward ever onward, people!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What are we doing here, people? On melee.

What you see is the N-Force sword, Thunderfury. Decent, got it on price-break for $10. Handles nicely, scuffs easily though so it's limited use for sure. But that's not what I'm writing about. I'd like to address the growing prevalency for melee weapons during NERF wars. Ok, ok, I know, I know we're here already running around with children's plastic toys but there is something I see a bit off here.

It's one thing to want to use a melee weapon of some sort as a gag, but when I think of nerf fights, it involves blasters. Barrel taps, sure. Being smacked at with a pool noodle or having a sword thrown at me? It just makes me wonder why I even bothered to mod anything in the first place. It adds a dimension to battle, fine. It makes you want to compensate with a higher ROF and Range, ok.

But with someone who opts to NOT carry a melee weapon WITH their blaster, half the time gun hits count or they don't want to have to resort to blocking with their blaster. Running the risk of possibly getting charged at by some douchebag who doesn't know their own strength and swings for the fences on a blaster that, made of plastic, may not stand up well to a downward swing from a piece of PVC or balsa wood wrapped in pool noodle and duct tape. I know, crazy. Maybe we should all run around with scabbards and the like? But again, why did we even bother with our blasters if we're going to be in CQC all day?

Don't get me wrong. I like the idea of melee weapons, especially now with the inclusion of the N-force swords. BUT there's the focus of the blasters we came out to use to tag people with, and not show off our sword-fighting skills. Or end up getting shot at by someone after you've already engaged another person with a melee weapon. Great way to spend a round... not really.

Bottom line: If I wanted to start swinging a sword in a mob of people, I'd just go LARP or something. But I'm not. I'm there to shoot and be shot at. Dare I say it, we know what to expect getting shot at with a high-powered nerf blaster. We don't really know how everyone's going to use a sword in the heat of battle.

This might sound like sour grapes, but it really isn't. I'm not upset about being hit with a sword in a gunfight. It feels like the melee weapons take away from the blaster side of a nerf fight, especially since unless we carry melee weapons there's very little to do against someone hard-charging close quarters with a sword. We could go for the barrel tap or a block, but again our blasters then become at risk. Breaking my +bow because I went for a roll or a jumping shot are okay offenses. Having my +bow broken because Johnny Moron decided to swing hard is UNDESIRABLE.

They're your fights, do what you wanna do. You want melee, allow melee. Personally, I'm not a fan and will not allow them in rounds I host nor will I participate in melee-only rounds. If I wanted to sword fight, I'd go to a sword-fight focused group, not here. Ah well, take care and keep your breeches clean. Oh wait, swords don't have breeches.



Sunday, July 26, 2009

A couple of things...

So Boston, how was the NDTL?

I wish I could have been there, hope you guys had fun!


Wendy's Invitational Portland, OR Thursday, 8/13 2:00pm - 7:00pm Scrimmage

Friday, 8/14 3:00pm - 7:00pm Scrimmage

Saturday, 8/15 12:30pm - 3:30pm Ages 8-12 Tournament

4:00pm - 7:00pm Ages 13-17 Tournament

Sunday, 8/16 12:00pm - 3:30pm Scrimmage

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicago Showdown - Finale!

A bit more video from the Chicago Showdown Nerf fight out in Oak Lawn, IL. Ch-ch-checkitout!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Done! Preview!


Wow, one of my earlier videos finally hit the 1,000 mark recently. My take on the Halo Laser Assault set!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

And then there was.... Chicago Showdown!

Teaser/some highlight vid for the recent Chicago Showdown Nerf War in Oak Lawn, IL. Hosted by "Snake"

Writeup this weekend, and a full vid to follow later!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chicago Showdown - Teaser photos!

This past weekend Chicago Showdown took place in Oak Lawn, IL. We came, we saw, we done shot each other in the jaw (in the jaw). Snake from Nerfhaven was the host, and we had reps from Naperville, Chicago, Tinley Park, Niles, and even Wisconsin. Videos to follow!

Lock n' load, chummers!


Thursday, July 09, 2009

NDTL - Rules and Regs

So here are the official rules, ripped straight from the Nerf website. I have highlighted some particularly interesting tidbits.

a) Each match will run (5) minutes plus any injury or stoppage time. Teams will play 02 x 5 minutes games. Teams will switch sides after completion of the first 05 minute game. The schedule will be strictly adhered to. There will be a master clock at the scoring table and enforcing officials will attempt to announce times and schedules, however it is the responsibility of the teams to be aware of the time during a match.
b) The signal to start or stop a match or the game-on signals (following a stoppage) will be issued by enforcing officials to both teams simultaneously.
c) Official score will be kept by enforcing officials and displayed on the official Tournament score board for both teams to see.
d) The combined scores of the 2 games will be taken as your final score (unless otherwise stated by the Tournament producers)
4. FULL TIME SCORING OPPORTUNITIES: Each team will have multiple scoring options during a match that result in points scored. Each of the following game play option will take place simultaneously during the match.
(a). Tagging of Opposing Players: Each team will fire NERF Darts at opposing players. Scoring hits are worth 1 point and are defined as direct hits to the opposing player’s jersey; the Dart must stick to the jersey in order for points to be awarded. Each player who is tagged with a scoring hit must immediately (with both arms raised) go to their home base where they will serve a (10) second penalty before re-entering the match.
It is each player’s responsibility to check his jersey and call out immediately when he/she has been tagged with a scoring hit. If a player is unaware of a scoring hit and is called out by the enforcing officials he must stop playing and immediately return to home base. A player may seek reasonable cover in the immediate area if he is unable to visually verify a scoring hit. Blatantly shooting a player after he has signified a scoring hit is an infraction and will result in points being deducted. A player who continuously fails to call himself out after a scoring hit will result in elimination of the player from the game. A player who receives an obvious scoring hit and continues aggressive play (shooting, advancing, communicating with teammates, handing off supplies, etc.) commits an infraction and will result in elimination of the player from the game. Any player who receives a scoring hit and deliberately hides, removes, or conceals the Dart which is stuck to their jersey has committed an infraction and will result in elimination from the game.
(b). Mission before capturing the Flag: Each team will be required to successfully hit 2 targets located at the opposing team’s half before they can proceed to capture the flag. (A hit is deemed successful only if the Dart sticks to the target) No points will be awarded for hitting these 2 targets. Teams are to communicate amongst themselves whether the 2 targets have been hit. Officials will only alert you in the event you attempt to capture the flag without having hit the 2 targets successfully.
(c). Capture the Flag: Each team will have a flag set up at their home base. The objective is to capture the opposing team’s flag and return it to your home base. When individual players are tagged while in possession of the flag, it must be dropped and the player will return to their home base to serve their (10) second penalty. Failure to drop the flag, continued advancement after being tagged or passing the flag to a teammate after being tagged will result in assessment of penalty points. The flag is always played where it lies. If a team successfully captures the opposing team’s flag and returns it to their home base, 10 points will be awarded and game play will be paused by referees in order to reset the flags.
(d). Target board scoring: There will be 6 (3 per team) coloured target boards located within the play area for additional scoring opportunities. Each target board is allocated different points (total score for 3 target boards is 25 points). To score points, the Dart must be stuck to the target board at the end of the game (to allow for officials to verify that target has been hit). In the event that you have shot a target board belonging to the opposing team, the points will go to the opposing team. Regardless of the number of Darts stuck on the board, only 1 set of the allocated points (for that particular board) will be awarded.
(a). Tagging Opposing Players: 1 point (for each successful hit)
(b). Capture the Flag: 10 points
(c). Target Boards 25 points (depending on number of targets hit)

6. PROHIBITED BEHAVIOR: The following behavior is prohibited during Tournament matches and will result in the assessment of penalty points, elimination of players from matches or the disqualification of a team from the tournament.
(a). Any arguments, abusive, or obscene language with players, referees, or judges on or off the area of play will result in assessment of penalty points or possible elimination from the game.
(b). Aggressive physical contact with an opponent as determined by the enforcing officials will result in assessment of penalty points or possible elimination from the game.
(c). Deliberate deception of any kind regarding scoring hits will result in assessment of penalty points or possible elimination from the game.
7. PENALTY VALUES: Assessment of penalties and the value placed upon the offense is at the discretion of the enforcing officials, but shall not be less than (1) point and not to exceed (10) points.
8. TIE-BREAKER CALCULATIONS: In the event of a scoring tie, participants will compete in a Dart Tag Target Competition. Teams will alternate shots, cycling through their line-up twice. The highest score after 2 rounds will decide the winner. In the event of another tie after 2 rounds, teams will go to sudden death with each player taking one shot at the target. The game will repeat in this fashion until one team has a higher score at the end of a round.

Interesting, discuss!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New blaster, and Nerf 2: N-Strike Elite (tentative)"%3BN-Strike"%3B+Elite+in+Celebration+of+40th+Anniversary+of+Hasbros+NERF+Brand/4781062.html

New version of the Switch Shot EX-3, this time with a red lens to read messages in-game from the tv.

Give a check!

Once more, into the breach...

That's not me in the above pic, but rather some excited participant!

I did indeed go inside and play a scrimmage. I feel the only way to truly represent something and write about it is through experience. You won't see me writing about how to bake a cake unless I do it. In the same thinking, I could not bring this news about the NDTL and the Furyfire without putting myself in someone else's line of sight. Once more, unto the breach, dear friends - literally. The NDTL Arena had a netted portal to enter, I would be lying if I didn't say getting inside had a touch of intensity to it.

The videos and shots I've provided already show what I was looking at: a sea of orange/red/yellow inflatable objects littered around me. In the center, a large inflatable pyramid. A penalty box to the left, and the flag station to my right. Netting served as ventilation and spots where onlookers could observe the nerf hopefuls in their quest for supremacy. Goggled and jersey'd I was run through a quick briefing of the rules and how to operate the new Furyfire blaster.

Pumping rotates the barrel and primes the blaster. Pull trigger. Reloading means putting darts straight back into the cylinder assembly, nothing pops out. Got it. Return to the box when hit, wait for the light, etc. etc. etc. It got increasingly apparent to me that here I was, and I wanted to rock. At that moment, the flag was my objective, and the other four people on the other side were in the way.

Quickly introducing myself to my teammates, we called our assignments. 1 to defend, 1 up the middle, 1 down the right, and I would be heading down the left wall.

Locked, loaded, and crouched behind cover... the siren couldn't come fast enough.

The first round was pretty fast. In a few seconds I had hurdled over a couple of barricades and ran the flag back in a few seconds. The other team had been preoccupied with my teammates on the other end of the arena.

Round 2 saw more of the same, only this time I ran smack dab into the entire team and ended up cooling my heels as they tied things up. We were getting our own points off of dart hits, but it wouldn't be nearly enough to make a good show of it.

Successive rounds involved a lot of scrambling, jumping over darts, ducking others, and more flipping/hurdling over obstacles. It was up close and personal, down and dirty to make sure you got your hits and that they stuck. It was fast, manic, and awesome. The score? Unimportant. The fun? Best part of the entire thing and IMMENSE.

It was only five minutes, but in those five minutes we were heroes, fighters, and competitors. Bring on more Nerf Dart Tag League! We lived the dream, and I wouldn't mind not waking up for a bit.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You never know what you'll find

So guess what I found on the internet today: the company that designed the Nerf Dart Tag League arena! Well, I found their facebook page at least - Wedu Give them a look-see, let'em know how you liked the arena!

Monday, July 06, 2009

And just to bring it back....

Speaking of Singapore, look at what SGNerf has been up to-

Toy Carnival in Singapore

Seriously, way to get the sport moving over there, guys!

On a more serious note...

I wanted to bring to light these articles out of Singapore:

Don't get trigger-happy with toy guns


Toy guns that might get you into trouble

They discuss modifications and the ramifications of modding your guns to look more realistic or for added firepower. Everything's fun and games, but let's remember to be safe, responsible, and working in accordance with the laws and regulations of where you live. Don't kill the hobby by being a moron, people.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Finale - Scrimmage footage!

I was allowed to film INSIDE the arena during scrimmage-play... here's what I saw!

From my eyes, to yours-